Dear Readers,

Meat grinder TLF

In the past few weeks I’ve been working on rendering a meat grinder made in the USSR. It is apparently a type EMS-30\100-2 from 1984, and believe it or not, it still functions to this day. Moreover, it does not only function, but never ever had to be repaired either. Wow! 32 years of continuous service with no downtime. No wonder Russians had this saying: “Советское – значит отличное!”, which translates to: “Soviet – (it) means excellent!”.

It is nice and all, but this is not the reason I chose to render this particular household appliance, although it does have a certain cool factor. The real reason is that is has many interesting (hard to sketch) features, which if properly done, will teach a lot about using CAD software. It really forces the user to stretch the limits of his/her current knowledge, mostly because of the very small amount of parallels, lots of bent surfaces, a lot of awkward shapes. These do not only test the user, but as it turned out, the software too. I had literally dozens of occurrences when the software could not render sketches because of its limitations, and thus quite a few times I was forced to figure out different approaches to render a problematic feature. Furthermore, this meat grinder can only be drawn as a multi-part rendition, which also allowed me to be able to experiment with the assembly section of the software. Overall, this was a very educating project, so I’m really glad I was able to render every important part of it. But enough of talking, let’s see the result of my work. Enjoy.

Meat grinder LFB

Meat grinder TBL

Meat grinder T

Meat grinder L

Meat grinder F

Meat grinder B

Meat grinder engine TLF

Meat grinder tube connector

Meat grinder tube TLF

Meat grinder tube TRB

Meat grinder tube AF

Meat grinder tube half

Meat grinder tube inside

Meat grinder conveyor

Meat grinder conveyor screw

Meat grinder conveyor screw side

Meat grinder knife front

Meat grinder knife back