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Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Robert Puskas and you happened to stumble upon my own website. Here you will find information about my profession, hobbies and other general interests. To get the general idea about me, I encourage you to read the following short introduction. If you’d like to get more detail, please visit other parts of my website as well.

Thank you for visiting, thank you for reading, please enjoy this corner of the Internet.

During my almost decade long work in academic research I managed to acquire high levels of proficiency in materials science by studying different types of nanomaterials. My studies allowed me to learn a great deal about high precision instruments, project planning, data interpretation and visualization, research publishing and presentation, team work and leadership, and more, all of which culminated in my PhD work titled “Carbon Nanostructures With Different Dimensionality – From Synthesis To Applications” and over twenty publications.

Since the completion of my PhD studies, my passion for learning did not diminish, which allowed me to gain my first experience with industrial process plant design, automation and PLC programming in general. To date, I was able to engineer several small process plants, where the work included selecting appropriate instrumentation, creating and testing the PLC control software, writing the system documentation and taking part in commissioning these plants.

I’m also rather passionate about IT, and has been for well over a decade now, which drove me to take numerous online courses and read read a fair number of books in the field of C++ programming, software engineering, unit testing, embedded systems programming, cloud computing and more, in order to have a firmer grasp of the tools I’m using in the field of automation, and to also widen my perspectives of what solutions already exist for common related problems.

When I still have some time left or need a bit of variation in my studies, I learn languages, where my current subject of study is German. I managed to improve it quite considerably over the last couple of years, but admittedly, there is still some room for improvement. My current goal is to reach a level of proficiency similar to what I have with English right now.

Apart from all the learning and work I also enjoy to play classical guitar pieces or do a bit of photography, but because of serious time constraints I haven’t been able to practice these as of late, but I’m not giving up hope…

Robert Puskas, PhD