Hello Dear Readers!

I’m sure many music loving people dreamed about having their own band and writing their own music. Well, ladies and gentlemen, wait no more, as Punk-o-matic is here! And has been here for quite a while now. So long in fact, that it seems that the days of having it around is counted, mostly because of technological reasons (Adobe Flash is being phased out full throttle). So if you haven’t tried it out or haven’t heard of it before, I urge you to go and try it out here. To get some taste what can be done in this cool little flash application, please enjoy the music I created way back during my high school years. The linked videos themselves are much younger, but thanks to the very neat export possibilities of Punk-O-Matic, it is super easy to store your best pieces for decades to come in a simple text file. So enough of talk, let’s rock!