Unsupported HW

Hello Dear Readers!

Have you ever thought that your hardware can become too new overnight? Well, this seems to be the case now with PCs equipped with any 7th generation Intel Core processors. How do I know? I just encountered a very interesting never seen before message on a Windows 7 machine after installing the usual monthly updates. As you might have already guessed, this particular computer indeed does have a 7th generation Core processor and Win7 running on it.

So what’s going on? To cut a long story short, I bought some new hardware supporting 7th gen. Intel CPUs just a couple of months ago, meaning, that I missed out the opportunity to legally get a Win 10 license by a great margin. As it turned out, I also missed out all the fun of reading all those nice GWX messages that Microsoft started to push out after Win 10 was released. It seems I was among the select few, who never even had to encounter these notifications, as my old hardware was so old, that Windows never even bothered showing me any of that. But several people I talked to were not as lucky as I was, as they had to fully face the force of Microsoft’s marketing machine.

Obviously, these complaints were not some isolated cases, as the media was reporting quite regularly the ever escalating hardball approach of Microsoft to force, or at later stages of the campaign, even trick people to upgrade to Win 10. But the GWX upgrade campaign was not meant by Microsoft to run forever, so when it finally ended, people, who opted to stay with older versions of Windows, finally could take a deep breath and relax. Or so they thought.

Unsupported HW

Today’s new message (with an accompanying online article) clearly indicates however, that Microsoft had no plans to give up on forcing people to upgrade to Windows 10, they just took a brake and regrouped their forces. Now, if you have a computer equipped with one of the (as of April 2017) newest Intel CPUs and have Win7 installed on it, you might find yourself not receiving Windows Updates any more. Yes, just because you opted to have a 7th gen processor. I would like to remind everyone here, that Windows 7 should be supported up until 2020 regardless of processor generations.

Also, we should not forget, that Intel makes great effort to keep backwards compatibility with its previous generation processors. This latter fact alone ensures that any program (even operating systems) written for any previous x86 processor generation will run on the latest and greatest CPU Intel releases. It is another matter whether the integrated GPU or the chipset of your motherboard will get support on an older operating system, but we are not talking about that. We are talking about the CPU itself, which does not require new shiny drivers like other hardware to be used. CPU support is usually implemented on the kernel level, so if the implementation is not updated for newer CPUs, the only side effect will be that those new features will not be accessible to that older system. It is easy to understand from this point, that this new message window from Microsoft is nothing else but a new trick to force people to upgrade to Windows 10.

I really hope that updates will continue to be provided for people using Win 7 on newer hardware, and this message is nothing more than a FUD spreader. I guess we’ll see next month what the real situation is, so until then, thanks for reading.