WUD list

Dear Readers!

This is an expanded list of Windows 7 updates originally created by Steven4554 for Windows Updates Downloader (WUD). This list works for 64 bit English version of Windows 7 only. If you want it for another language, then simply replace the English version of IE11 installer in the list for your desired language and it should work.

I will try to refresh this list on a monthly basis, though please do not expect to get it the same day as updates roll out (on patch tuesdays). I usually do system updates on weekends only, as lately it takes quite a while due to some changes in the update client, so please be patient.

DISCLAIMER: This list is for testing purposes only. It may not contain all updates necessary to patch your system completely, so the recommended way to keep your machine up-to-date is to use the built-in system update tool. The update tool not only patches your system, but other software also (like office software), so keep this in mind. Do NOT use this list unless you absolutely know what you are doing and willing to take risks! If your machine becomes compromised due to a missing update you were warned.

If you still want to download the list, you can download it here.

EXTRA INFO: Regular monthly updates are now shipped by Microsoft as a single package, so it greatly reduces the possibility to pick out unnecessary updates. Sad fact, but hey, it makes my work far easier from now on to expand the list each month :)