Dear Readers!

I’m happy to announce a new post in the SelfAcademy series of posts. This time I finished an excellent online course (found on Udemy) on the subject of RTOS, more specifically FreeRTOS, and quite a few related (basic) things concerning STM32Fx based boards. I chose to do this course because I wanted to have a nice hands-on primer on the inner workings of operating systems, and what better primer one can wish for, than a completely open-source, small (aka. eas(y/er) to comprehend in its entirety), real-time kernel such as FreeRTOS. The course, and the RTOS itself teaches you quite a bit about important concepts such as:

  • Task management (scheduling, creation, states, synchronization etc.)
  • Scheduling policies (preemptive, prioritized preemptive, co-operative)
  • Memory management (memory layout, memory allocation schemes)
  • Hook functions and proper delay
  • Basic debugging (trace visualization tool, hardware debugger, etc.)
  • and a few other subjects

The course is quite comprehensive (154 parts in 26 sections as of end of 2017), and follows closely the free ebook ‘Mastering the FreeRTOS Real Time Kernel’ by Real Time Engineers Ltd. There are differences between the two, which perhaps I will cover in a later post, but for now, I would recommend reading and watching them both to get the most complete picture possible on the subject. All in all, I would say that I already feel smarter every day (pun intended) :) .

As always, thanks for reading.