titleMy personal german owl.

Dear Readers!

This day turned out to be a very special day, as I finally completed the German skill tree on Duolingo! I worked hard and a lot to achieve this, but this was very well worth the effort! But the work doesn’t stop here, I still have to revise the words I learned there, as well as I will have to start to learn new words and expressions from other sources.

No matter the effort, no matter the time, it is worth it. The moment when you are finally enabled to communicate with people, the moment when you’re finally capable of sliding over the lines of words of a newspaper article like a skater over the ice in your new language is like a new world opening right before your eyes.

So language learners out there take your time, don’t rush, learn every day and you’ll have the sweetest of fruits you’ll ever have.

P.S.: The learning never stops.