Dear readers!

I am happy to announce (quite a bit late) a milestone in the download numbers of the KDevelop template I made earlier this year. It would seem, that according to store.kde.org, the download number for my “CMake C++ FLTK template for beginners” tiny-project stepped over 1000 some time ago, and it may go above 1200 this year. It is quite a nice number for an IDE template, especially considering, that KDevelop is not the most widely used IDE out in the wild. This number is also proof, that no matter how small your contribution might look like at the beginning (hey, a template is no big deal), it might still be useful for quite a few other people. Anyway, it’s been a pleasure to contribute back to the community, even if it is only in a small way, and I hope I would be able to do more significant stuff in the future. I’m most certainly working on it.

As always, thanks for dropping by.