nameJust a couple of days ago was 2 years since I bough my bike, and look how far it went…

Dear Readers!

It has been another year since I bought my new bike, and it seems it was well worth it: 6000 kilometers without using up a single drop of petrol, which if we calculate a bit, will give us ~480 liters of saved fuel (assuming city usage with a medium sized car) and ~1150 kg of CO2 not produced (assuming 0.75 g/cm3 fuel density and 87% carbon content). One could argue though, that the increased breeding rate due to cycling does produce extra CO2, but the thing is, the CO2 in air exhaled is already part of the carbon cycle, quite unlike the CO2 in a car exhaust, so no extra carbon was introduced into the atmosphere. All in all, it really is that easy to do something against climate change.

Thanks for reading and ride on!