Dear Readers!

I’m happy to announce that another year has passed since the start of my website, and as anyone with a birthday, a bit of extra care was due. To make the celebration noteworthy, I did a major overhaul of the site just as last year, where, if you remember, I switched the underlying technology from Wix to Jekyll. Since that switch was more about changing the technology rather than visuals, I mostly kept the original looks after the switch. This year is a bit different however, as Jekyll served me so well in this past year, that I could now concentrate on the visual aspects with usability and new requirements in mind.

Fortunately, changing visuals and style with Jekyll is quite simple, as it generates websites from templates (they also call them themes), which means, that one only needs to find a new suitable theme (there is a ton available here), customize it to one’s taste (changing colors, fonts, etc.) and finally copy the post files from the old website folder into the new one (after adapting their “front matter” to the new theme of course). This is possible because posts are stored as text files formatted with Markdown, “a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax”.

So what was I looking for when I searched for a new theme?

  • Simpler visuals, because the decorating images that made my previous website look (in my opinion) quite stylish, made the site also load with the speed of a snail. This can be a real deal-breaker to a lot of people, especially to those with slower mobile broadband connections.
  • Better navigation. Since posts on my previous site were organized based on categories, navigation was a bit cumbersome because of the limited amount of categories the site design allowed. Considering this, I decided to completely replace categories with tags, so I needed a template that not only supported tags far better than the previous one, but also had a full blown archive page.
  • Extended functionality, because I wanted to have better image, code block, and text navigation support.

As it is evident on this new site, all these requirements have been met, so hopfully I’ll be able to do my next major upgrade in less than a year’s time, an upgrade, of which I’ve been thinking for quite some time now. I won’t disclose any details about that right now, but the task is sizable, so it might take some more time. I’ll also need to check the technological background of it, which I only did partially due to shortage of time.

As always, thanks for reading.