Dear Readers!

In this post I’d like to share a bit of a status update, as observant readers might have already noticed, that the number of new posts decreased in the past month or two. There are mostly two reasons behind it, one being work related, where I needed to focus on making an automation project (involving PLC programming) deployable on site, and the other that I started to translate all of my posts into german. Since both of these tasks are time and energy consuming, I had much less time for my posts and programming sessions nowadays.

The good news is, that the most time critical part of the automation project is now finished, so I’ll have a bit more energy to focus on the usual stuff. The less good, but not at all bad news is, that 2/3 of all the translations are now also complete (I have almost 90 posts to translate in total), so I think I’ll be able to resume my normal pace soon enough. The bad news is, that I don’t now yet how to transform my site into a multilingual one, so that will require some extra time as well. Fortunately, I already did some preliminary research on the subject, and it seems to be possible to do what I have in mind, so things seem to look good from this perspective.

As always, thanks for reading.