Dear Readers!

I’m announcing the completion of yet another online course, this time it is about the JavaScript language. I chose to take this course, because while I was taking another course that used JavaScript heavily, I became a bit frustrated by not completely understanding how some of the language features work, and especially I simply didn’t have a full picture of how the language differs from C++ beyond some of the minor syntactical differences. So before proceeding with that other course, I simply wanted to find out more about the peculiarties of the inner workings of JavaScript, a topic that everyone using this language should know anyway.

The title of this course it a bit weird though, as the language features discussed are not weird at all, they are just somewhat different from some of the other languages, but even those differences are not groundbraking. I also created a list, where I collected some of the bigger differences between C++ and JavaScript, which I’m not yet comfortable publishing. Maybe some time later, who knows.

Anyway, that’s it for now, thanks for reading.