Dear Readers!

I’m happy to announce, that I have completed yet another course, which also happens to be completely in line with the Docker courses and the other stuff I learned recently. For those, who are unfamiliar with Traefk, it is a reverse proxy and its primary purpose is to manage routing and load balancing to services, but is also capable of accomodating traffic encryption, service authentication, monitoring and more. Thanks to all of its features, this tool makes life a lot easier when one doesn’t want to expose a whole bunch of ports to the Internet for all the running services, or when TLS encryption needs to be set up (for any number of services). Furthermore, with the help of so-called middlewares, one can fine tune how a service looks and behaves to the outside world by enabling traffic compression, error page handling, rate limiting, IP filtering, etc. All in all it is a great and in my opinion an essential tool for deploying services in a modern containerized approach.

As always, thanks for reading.