Hallo Dear Readers!

From a language learning perspective this week was a very special week for me indeed. For those of you who do not know, besides my other learning duties, nowadays I learn German quite vigorously, and the something that made this week special is (obviously) connected to this. The other day I left my bike at a repair shop, so because of that I went to work on foot the next morning. Since I used to walk quite a lot up until recently, I actually enjoyed the experience. It gives people time to think quite a lot of things through, and it is also a great opportunity to practice languages by going through some sentences in your head.

As I was doing that with German, some man just got out of some car at the street I was just crossing and came right at me. I guessed he needed some directions, so I quickly checked the plate number of the car to see what nationality I’m dealing with, and guess what, it was a German plate! Before I even managed to think for a moment what to do with this information, the man started talking, and as you might’ve guessed not in English, but German. To my greatest surprise, I understood everything he said and even more, I managed to answer him without ever feeling the need to fall back to the far more familiar English. I’m not saying everything I said was perfect (in fact I made quite a lot of mistakes), but the man understood everything I said.

Despite the fact that my German language skills are not even close to my English skills and as such made quite some mistakes, I was still extremely happy, as this was the very first time ever I talked to a native German speaker and I did it with success. This fact what makes this whole thing special! The whole experience gave me extra motivation for German learning and since then I started to read online German news sites far more frequently than before. So if you ever find yourself in a pit with language learning, remember this: Es lohnt sich!