Dear Readers!

I’m happy to announce the completion of another online course, this time about programming Siemens PLCs in TIA Portal. This completion though differs from the others I did earlier, as I didn’t do it all at once. Instead, I started this sometime last year for my first project, and watched only the parts that I absolutely needed. Since that time I became pretty comfortable with TIA Portal, so I thought it’s time to watch the rest of the videos, which were mainly about SCL, STL and Graph programming paradigms and a pretty lengthy demonstration about their usage.

It was pretty interesting to see these other paradigms in action, as they most certainly can prove to be useful for solving certain tasks, especially SCL and Graph. What I can conclude now, is that one probably shouldn’t stick to a single paradigm while solving automation tasks, because each of these have strenghts in certain areas, which strenghts could dramatically decrease coding time and/or increase readability of certain solutions. Before getting too excited about these though, one must take portability into consideration as well, as other PLC manufacturers might not support all of these paradigms, so one must be very careful which are going to be used if this is an issue.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading.